Disabled toilet redux

Dug this out from an old journal as a casual mention of the now three year old incident on twitter raised some interest and I couldn’t remember how I’d answered the rather personal question at the time. Reproduced for background then, the sphincter incident.

Scene: Corridor outside disabled toilet in a theatre hosting beer and folk festival.

Blaadyblah tries door handle, it is locked. 
Blaadyblah repositions wheelchair and waits.
People pass by.
Total stranger walks up and asks “you waiting for the toilet?”.
Blaadyblah smiles “Yes”
Stranger leans on wheelchair and asks if there’s another toilet.
Blaadyblah gestures “one over there, and one upstairs, I think”
Stranger “Oh no, I need the disabled toilet”
Blaadyblah “would you mind not leaning on my chair, please?”
Stranger “Oh.. oh, right. OK.”
Blaadyblah repositions to hold the door as it opens to reveal a harrassed new mum & freshly changed infant.
Blaadyblah smiles at baby and Mum who says thank you and departs.
Stranger “so, how do you… you know, go?” gesturing at the toilet…

Blaadyblah (stunned) “Er… I let go my urinary sphincter and empty my bladder… wha? Erm, how do you?”
Stranger looks confused and departs. 

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking that was just way too weird…

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