Born in the USA…

…to an English mother, my (half) American cousin is visiting. Last time she came, it snowed, the airport closing not much more than an hour after I’d collected her. Having spent her life in Florida, Alabama and New Orleans she’d never seen snow and got a white Christmas. This time she’s been able to experience proper English rain.

With a couple of days and a couple of pints to recover from the inevitable jet lag (I wake up with my dishes done, awesome), she’s gone up to London where I’m sure she’ll be causing all kinds of trouble. In her absence one of the cats has declared the top of her luggage the most desirable spot in the house, I’ve baked possibly the best banana bread I’ve ever made and spent several hours on a paid sock job.

Tomorrow we’re going to look at Really Old Buildings nearby, I expect there’ll be more beer, and almost certainly more baking since I haven’t made chocolate muffins in forever.

For now though, socks – a night where I get to bed before 3am (honestly, we natter like she’ll disappear if we sleep) and chocolate are the order of the day. I’m hoping we get to visit Standen and my Mum after the weekend. 🙂

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