Sleep of the talking dead.

I walk in my sleep. I also talk in my sleep. Apparently I now take medication, answer doors and take calls in my sleep too. Yesterday was long and busy. I went out twice for the second time in a week. I’m sick (chesty cough), having trouble keeping my head up (Ehlers-Danlos) and so over stimulated that getting in from a gig last night sent me to wobbling to bed and then out like a light by two this morning. At around eight this evening I was woken by the phone and just like that a whole day was gone.

Today was supposed to involve knitting, sunshine, some work and large doses of kitten but instead I was woken by returning workers, had a kebab for breakfast,and am now watching MoTD confused by the fact it feels like lunchtime.

Worth it though. Even if it does mean I have to catch up – I’m told we have ice cream and tomorrow is technically weekend so I can rest up some, consolidate that epic sleep and eat all of the food before tackling my EDS Mile on Tuesday.

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